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An Entrepreneur on Term Sheet Terms

Jan 19 2006
Tim Wolters has written a post on anti-dilution clauses from an entrepreneurs point of view.  Tim promises to write more on other terms like liquidation preferences, reverse vesting, dividends, class voting rights, “and any other terms that have bitten [him] on the ass before.”  Tim is co-founder and CTO of Collective Intellect, a new company […]
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Term Sheets: Contentious Issues and Lawyers

Dec 12 2005
For my 40th birthday, I got a couple of cool t-shirts with photos of me substituted for Jack Bauer on 24.  The only thing disconcerting was the image of me holding a handgun.  I was pondering how ripped I looked (on Jack’s torso) when two questions on term sheets came in from someone at Ernst […]
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Term Sheet Series Wrap Up

Aug 23 2005
Jason and I hope you enjoyed reading our term sheet series at least as much as we enjoyed writing it.  While we won’t be competing with our friend Jack Bauer for any drama awards (I tried to make it 24 posts, but could only get to 20), we’ve tried to take a balanced and pragmatic approach […]
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Term Sheet: Indemnification and Assignment

Aug 23 2005
We’re down to our last two sections on a typical VC term sheet.  Since they are both things that most entrepreneurs simply live with as part of a financing, we decided to combine them into one post. The first clause is indemnification and usually looks as follows: “Indemnification:  The bylaws and / or other charter […]
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Term Sheet: No Shop Agreement

Aug 08 2005
As an entrepreneur, the way to get the best deal for a round of financing is to have multiple options.  If you’ve been a studious reader of our term sheet series, you are painfully aware that there are many other terms – beside price – that help define what “the best deal” actually is.  However, […]
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Term Sheet: Initial Public Offering Shares Purchase

Jul 28 2005
Jason and I are planning to finish strong with some serious stuff in our term sheet series, but we figured we’d put one more term in that has us sniggling whenever we see it (a “sniggle” is a combination “sneer-giggle” – sort of like how I reacted to Kidman / Ferrell in Bewitched last night). The […]
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Term Sheet: Founders Activities

Jul 24 2005
I’m going to keep tonight’s term sheet post short and sweet, especially since I’m still reeling from the horrifyingly bad War of the World movie I just saw.  Jason and I are almost done with the term sheet series (yeah, we know we keep promising that) but – like the Spielberg tragicomedy I just watched, it’s not […]
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Boards of Venture Backed Companies – “After The Term Sheet” (Jaffe / Levensohn)

Jul 17 2005
I recently discovered an outstanding article by Dennis Jaffe (Saybrook Graduate School) and Pascal Levensohn (Levensohn Venture Partners) titled “After The Term Sheet: How Venture Boards Influence The Success Or Failure Of Technology Companies.”  Written in 2003, this is one of the best articles I’ve ever seen of the issues and dynamics surrounding the board […]
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Term Sheet: Restriction on Sales, Proprietary Inventions, and Co-Sale Agreement

Jul 15 2005
I had good intentions earlier this week to try to crank out the balance of the term sheet series, but it turned into a busy week.  Since I’m still muddling through the set of terms that either don’t matter much and/or are hard to negotiate away (e.g. chose you battles wisely), I didn’t expect anyone would […]
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