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Term Sheet – Vesting

May 10 2005
When Jason and I last wrote on the mythical term sheet, we were working our way through the terms that “can matter.” The last one on our list is vesting, and we approach it with one eyebrow raised understanding the impact of this term is crucial for all founders of an early stage company. While […]
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Term Sheet: Conditions Precedent to Financing

Apr 12 2005
As I watched 24 last night, I kept thinking to myself “Why the fuck does Jack have his cell phone ringer on – hasn’t he ever heard of vibrate?” immediately after his cell phone rang but right before he got shot at because the bad guys now knew where he was. I had a parallel […]
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Term Sheet: Conversion

Apr 10 2005
While lots of VCs posture during term sheet negotiations by saying “that is non-negotiable”, terms rarely are (as you’ve likely inferred from previous posts on term sheets be me and Jason.) Occasionally, a term will actually be non-negotiable. In all the VC deals we’ve ever seen, the preferred has the right – at any time […]
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Term Sheet: Redemption Rights

Mar 25 2005
If you are avid followers of the TV series 24 (as Jason and I are), you’ll recognize that the next item in our term sheet series – Redemption at Option of Investors – has similar characteristics to the regular exchange Jack has with CTU:  CTU Director (any of them – Driscoll, Tony, Ryan, George, Michelle): […]
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Term Sheet: Dividends

Mar 23 2005
As our term sheet series unfolds (almost as exciting as 24, eh? – if you’ve been reading the last few days I bet you figured out that I recently had a 7 hour plane ride with a laptop battery that was in pretty good shape) we now shift gears from nuclear meltdown situations (also known […]
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Term Sheet: Pay-to-Play

Mar 22 2005
There’s nothing like a solid week of vacation with no phone, email, or blogs to get the writing juices rolling again. Of course, now that I’m through my email, I only have 8200 blog posts to read to catch up – thank god for jet lag – wait, what am I saying? In our term sheet […]
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Term Sheet – Anti-Dilution

Mar 21 2005
It has been a while since I put up a term sheet post so I thought I’d tackle a hard one today. While it’s fun to tease lawyers about math (and – actually – about anything), my co-author on this series Jason Mendelson (a lawyer) often reminds me that lawyers can do basic arithmetic (and […]
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Term Sheet: Drag Along

Feb 06 2005
As Jason and I continue to wind our way through a typical VC term sheet, we thought we’d tackle the infamous “drag-along agreement.”  This is one of those terms that has recently increased in importance to VCs due to the all the financing and exit dynamics that occurred during the downturn of 2001 – 2003.  A […]
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Term Sheet: Protective Provisions

Jan 18 2005
As Jason and I continue to work our way through a
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Term Sheet: Board of Directors

Jan 11 2005
In our series of posts on Term Sheets, Jason and I thought we’d take on a relatively easy one today.  In our previous posts on Price and Liquidation Preferences, we discussed the key economic terms that VCs care about.  In this post, we tackle one of the two primary “control terms” that matter to VCs. VCs […]
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