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Beware Religious Platform Battles

Jul 16 2007
If you are obsessed with Facebook, you should be reading Read/WriteWeb this week (as they’ve declared it the week of Facebook.)  The first post is Facebook Week: Analyzing The Facebook Platform and Apps.  Has anyone else noticed that Facebook Inbox doesn’t have a “Forward” (or – in Facebook land – “include more friends on thread”) […]
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A CPM Here, A CPM There … Now You Are Talking Real Money

Jul 12 2007
Today’s Techmeme meme is based on Facebook advertising brings poor results. Most of the posts are talking about the rotten clickthrough rate (0.04%) on Facebook.  Some of the posts – like Scoble’s – have some constructive suggestions about how to make the advertising more relevant (note to self – “tie it to people, just like Google […]
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Another View on Vertical Social Networks

Jul 05 2007
Once again, David Cohen has “encouraged” (euphamism for “hey Brad, c’mon and write that post already”) me to respond to his post titled Big or Bullshit – Vertical Social Networks.  David called bullshit – he thinks “the aggregators and toolsets that emerge around identity” will be big. I’m a horizontal guy.  When I look at […]
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iPhone Mania

Jun 29 2007
It’s the end of the quarter again – do you know where your VP of Sales is?  I bet he’s standing in line in front of an Apple Store waiting for his new iPhone.  Amy got so tired of the iPhone noise that she went to Paris (maybe she thinks the lines are shorter there.)  […]
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