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My Relationship With Apple Is Like My Relationship With The Republican Party

Aug 28 2008
Scott Converse has a wonderful post up titled Is Apple a Republican?  After reading it, I pondered my relationship with Apple and realized that it is just like my relationship with the Republican Party – there are some things that theoretically appeal to me, but endless deal breakers that push me away and head fakes […]
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EFCO Annual Give Back Event

Aug 11 2008
The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado is having their first annual "give back" event on Saturday 8/16.  If you are an employee of a company that is an EFCO member, you and your family are invited.  EFCO is doing this in conjunction with the Intercambio-KGNU Friendship Fun Run.  The logistics follow: August 16 at Foothills Community […]
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More on the H-1B Visa Nonsense

Dec 22 2007
My friend Ben Casnocha recently wrote a paper for school – he’s got an adapted version up on his website titled Analysis: H-1B Visa Issue in America.  He dug up a deliciously moronic quote and summary from a CRS Report for Congress titled Immigration Reform: Brief Synthesis of Issue.  "Those opposing increases in temporary workers […]
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I Support ??? Dennis Kucinich?

Oct 21 2007
Amy started out my Sunday morning with the Select A Candidate Quiz from Minnesota Public Radio.  I’ll leave it to her to decide whether or not to say who she selected (but it was a surprise to me).  So – I figured I’d take it also.  Given that I don’t know who Dennis Kucinich is, […]
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