Announcing UP Global

A global partnership that connects entrepreneurs with their communities and the resources they need most.

Startup Weekend and Startup America Partnership are joining forces to create UP Global.  In addition to Startup Weekend, UP Global also runs Next, StartupDigest, and NYSE Big Startup. Marc Nager, the CEO of Startup Weekend, will be the CEO of Up Global. Steve Case, the chairman of Startup America Partnership, will be the chairman of Up Global.

I’m extremely psyched. I’ve been involved in both organizations since inception. The first Startup Weekend happened in Boulder in June 2007 and have been on the board for the past few years. I was at the White House for the launch of Startup America, which included launch of the privately funded Startup America Partnership. NCWIT and TechStars were founding members. I’m the co-chair of Startup Colorado. Many of the ideas in my book Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City have been informed by my experience with both organizations, and they’ve each incorporated many of these ideas into what they are doing.

I’ve made many new entrepreneurial friends on this journey so far. I’ve been absolutely delighted and blown away by the leadership of Marc Nager and his team in the growth of Startup Weekend around the world. Scott Case and Steve Case, along with their team, have done an outstanding job at Startup America Partnership mobilizing broad startup community initiatives across the United States and elevating the understanding and importance of entrepreneurship at a national level. And the Kauffman Foundation – who I continue to have immense respect for – has been an incredibly strong supporter of both organizations.

UP Global is a logical next step in the creation of vibrant entrepreneurial communities around the world. I’m a huge believer in consolidating efforts in the non-profit between complementary organizations. This one was a natural and logical one and I’m excited about what’s coming up.

  • Really glad to see this! My overall impression trying to be involved in Startup America is that it really never did much for startups besides a coupe of contests and a bunch of corporate discounts to get those providers more customers. I’m sure at a higher level things were going on, but did not feel any value/opportunity for me as an entrepreneur. Of course, that could be because I did not have the time to dig in and find the value that was there, but what entrepreneur does? Startup weekend is an actionable business creating formula and makes much more sense for making business happen. This is a great move to provide more value for all and hopefully orient the organization to moving startups ahead rather than just lobbying.

    • Marc Nager

      Thanks! The real opportunity for us with UP Global is being able to provide more support and connection between the grassroots leaders in communities around the world because that results in higher quality programs and more clarity for entrepreneurs on how to actually find the resources they need, when they need them. Our goal is to empower them to deliver more high value, proven programs (not just Startup Weekend) in collaboration with all other local efforts… and don’t worry, we’ll be sticking close to our SW motto – no talk. all action!

      • Great to hear. We are ready for you here in Miami and I am happy to help any way I can.

  • Marc Nager

    Thanks Brad. We wouldn’t be here without people like you helping lead the charge for startups & entrepreneurs. The real work on UPGlobal is just now beginning!

  • Excited to hear about this initiative. I’ve participated in multiple startup weekends and all have been great experiences. Don’t personally know much about Startup America.

    @marc_nager:disqus I have an idea to run by you directly related to UP Global & building a stronger community if there is an email I can reach you at..