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WSGR’s Entrepreneurs Report – Private Company Financing Trends

Mar 25, 2009

Wilson Sonsini puts out a quarterly Entrepreneurs Report.  The Winter 2008 issues is titled Private Company Financing TrendsThey asked me if I’d contribute an article around the topic of hints for pitching VC’s so I wrote an extended version of Perfecting Your Pitch.

The other articles in the Winter 2008 Entrepreneurs Report include:

  • How Do I Get Meetings with Investors? By Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant, Venture Hacks
  • Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists’ Confidence Declines to Lowest Level in Five Years By Mark Cannice, Ph.D., University of
    San Francisco 
  • From the WSGR Database: Financing Trends
  • Outsourcing: A Tool for Survival
  • Avoiding Trouble: Provisions in Previous Employment Documents that Every Start-Up Company Founder Needs to Know

Recently, I’ve been fielding a lot more requests to write for publications as well as for permission to resyndicate content from Feld Thoughts and Ask the VC (e.g. the republishing of this content on the MIT Technology Review’s Blogs page.)  As I come up on the fifth anniversary of writing this blog, I’m finding myself intrigued by the dynamics of how user generated content has evolved.