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Interviews on TechStars, Venture Capital, and Angel Investing

May 30, 2009

I’m always happy to be “content.”  Following are a few interviews I’ve shown up in lately.

  • Q&A with Brad Feld of TechStars: This is a nice short interview in Mass High Tech that happened at the Nantucket Conference a few weeks ago.  It talks about TechStars, Boulder, and some of the magic required to build a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • All About Venture Capital: This was a long one – 55 minutes of me riffing on how entrepreneurs should think about venture capital.
  • Exit Outcomes: ACA’s John Huston: This is an interview with John Huston, the chairman of the Angel Capital Association.  Apparently I’m mentioned somewhere along the way (I have no idea if they say good or bad things about me – listen and comment!)  The topic is “Ever wanted to hear how angels think of the terms they offer and the returns they expect? And what will happen if the outcome is less than a complete success?”

I spent a day in Boise, ID last week at their annual Idavation Conference and had a great time – I’ve got a more thorough post coming on that (which is more than just a handful of links – but c’mon – the links are fun, aren’t they!)