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Why Am I Forbidden From Using My iPhone In US Immigration Areas?

Mar 02 2013
I’m in the Little Rock airport on my way home. After having an abysmal travel day yesterday that started off at 5:30am with me being detained By U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the Toronto airport, I finally got to Little Rock around 4pm, made it to the Startup Arkansas event around 5:30pm, and did two hours […]
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US Immigration Fails Entrepreneurs Again

Jan 08 2013
I’m so sick of how – as a country – our authorities treat people as though they are criminals. A month ago a successful Boston entrepreneur who has been incredibly engaged in the Boston startup community was thrown in jail for three days after a CPB agent decided she didn’t have a valid visa (she […]
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Silicon Flatirons Conference: The Role of Place: Entrepreneurial Immigration, Iteration, and Innovation

Mar 07 2010
On Thursday, March 18th (during CU Entrepreneurship Week) there is going to be a great Silicon Flatirons Conference on “The Role of Place”.  Brad Bernthal, who is chairing the conference, leads with a great quote from Harvard Professor and Monitor Group co-founder Michael Porter. "Paradoxically, the enduring competitive advantages in a global economy lie increasingly […]
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I Don’t Understand Our US Immigration Policy

Apr 05 2007
Reuters had an article out today titled US reaches visa cap, skilled workers out of luck.  As someone who is constantly trying to recruit great software developers for companies I’m an investor in, this is an insane situation. The US Immigration Service apparently “reached its annual quota for visa applications in one day.”  The article […]
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Book: Unshackled: A Practical Guide For Highly-Skilled Immigrants To Thrive In The United States

Jul 17 2023
I recently wrote the Foreword for Unshackled, a new book co-authored by Soundarya Basubramani, a writer from India, and Sameer Khedekar, a veteran immigration lawyer. Unshackled breaks down how legal immigration works in America in a way that is friendly, accessible, and human. It’s filled with raw stories of high-skilled immigrants who walked unconventional paths […]
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A Boundless Ally To Immigrants

May 03 2021
Boundless Immigration, a company we’ve been investors in since they spun out of Pioneer Square Labs venture studio, raised a $25 million financing last week. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’ve been involved in and advocating for legal immigration since 2010, when, with a half dozen other VCs […]
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Massachusetts Global Entrepreneur In Residence Five Year Results

Jan 30 2020
I continue to be a strong supporter of legal immigration to the United States. A fundamental belief of mine is that entrepreneurs should be able to start their companies anywhere they want. A corollary to that is some of the historical success of the US as an entrepreneurial ecosystem has been being the place that […]
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A Boundless Decision

Mar 26 2019
Life often involves tough tradeoffs. I love running marathons but I’m less happy about the body soreness and longer recovery cycles as I age. I’m excited about every investment Foundry Group makes, but I know not all of them are going to pan out. Entrepreneurs talk about “changing the world”, but the companies that emerge […]
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I’m Honored That I Get To Work With Ayah Bdeir At littleBits

Jun 22 2018
I’ve been consistently public, for almost a decade, about my belief that we should significantly change our approach to immigration in the US, especially for entrepreneurs. As one of the original advocates of the Startup Visa, I continue to be bummed out that our government can’t seem to figure out why this is important or […]
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