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The Cathedral of Learning

Nov 17 2005
I’m at CMU today for the National Center of Women & Information Technology semi-annual meeting (I’m chairman).  We just had a fantastic keynote from Nick Donofrio – EVP of Innovation and Technology at IBM, a 42 year IBM veteran, and a strong supporter / advocate of woman in information technology. After wandering around enemy territory […]
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Why Scientists and Engineers End Up on the Wrong Side of the Value Equation

Nov 05 2004
This morning I hosted a presentation by the MIT Deshpande Center about their program to a group of Colorado VCs. I’m really excited about what the Deshpande Center is up to and will blog about that separately. Steve Halstedt from Centennial Ventures – a long time VC and one of the guys I’ve learned a […]
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NewsGator’s New CEO

Sep 22 2004
NewsGator has a new CEO – JB Holston. Greg Reinacker and I are extremely excited to welcome JB to the team. When Greg and I first started talking about Mobius investing in NewsGator, the topic of CEO came up early. I’d had a few meetings with Greg, thought he was awesome, but also felt that […]
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Return Path Acquires Netcreations

Jul 01 2004
Earlier this week Return Path announced that it has acquired Netcreations. As a result of this merger, Return Path now has over 1,500 U.S. marketers as clients, 500 top web sites and ISPs as data partners, 650 channel partners, and a registered user base of 41 million active consumers. Both Matt Blumberg (Return Path CEO) […]
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